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menuZap for Excel

menuZap adds an innovative 'menu dimension' into your workbook's worksheet organization. As your sheets are now organized into a menu, this 'menu dimension' will very significantly improve the way you manage your sheets

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MS Excel File Properties Changer

MS Excel File Properties Changer is an application that will help you to view and modify the Microsoft Office Excel file properties such as summary information, file date-time stamps and file attributes.

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OzGrid Excel Plus Add-in

Formula Report Generator. Allows you to very easily create a report showing formulas within your Workbook that are either external references, internal references or both.

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Formula Ref Changer and Sheet Index Creator

Extremely handy add-in that will instantly change your formula references from Absolute to Relative and vice versa. Works on Selection, Active sheet or the entire Workbook.

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Forms ComboBox Wizard Add-in

If you often work in Excel with ComboBoxes from the Forms toolbar this Excel add-in can save you many hours and prevent errors.

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Excel Add-Ins File Collection

Powerful Add in files for Microsoft Excel provide extra capabilities that go well beyond standard Microsoft Excel.

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Model Builder for Excel

Model Builder for Excel has been developed for modeling professionals with years of experience helping people make decisions, from simple problems to multimillion projects with two ideas in mind: working faster and more reliably, i.e. making trustworthy decisions in time.

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Model Analyzer for Excel

Model Analyzer for Excel is an add-in for Microsoft Excel in which you can analyze the data in your spreadsheets, in an automatic, fast and intuitive manner, saving time, costs and increase your productivity.

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